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Anacardic acid and thyroid hormone enhance cardiomyocytes production from undifferentiated mouse ES cells along functionally distinct pathways.
Re A, Nanni S, Aiello A, Granata S, Colussi C, Campostrini G, Spallotta F, Mattiussi S, Pantisano V, D'Angelo C, Biroccio A, Rossini A, Barbuti A, DiFrancesco D, Trimarchi F, Pontecorvi A, Gaetano C, Farsetti A.
Endocrine 2017; 5332016Sep: 681-8 >>
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Treatment of Large Bone Defects with a Vascularized Periosteal Flap in Combination with Biodegradable Scaffold Seeded with Bone Marrow-Derived Mononuclear Cells: An Experimental Study in Rats.
Nau C, Henrich D, Seebach C, Schröder K, Fitzsimmons SJ, Hankel S, Barker JH, Marzi I, Frank J.
Tissue engineering. Part A 2016; 221-22016Jan: 133-41 >>
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Glutathione peroxidase 4 prevents necroptosis in mouse erythroid precursors.
Canli Ö, Alankuş YB, Grootjans S, Vegi N, Hültner L, Hoppe PS, Schroeder T, Vandenabeele P, Bornkamm GW, Greten FR.
Blood 2016; 12712016Jan7: 139-48 >>
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Ubiquitin-Dependent And Independent Signals In Selective Autophagy.
Khaminets A, Behl C, Dikic I.
Trends in cell biology 2016; 2612016Jan: 6-16 >>
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Hedgehog/Patched-associated rhabdomyosarcoma formation from delta1-expressing mesodermal cells.
Nitzki F, Cuvelier N, Dräger J, Schneider A, Braun T, Hahn H.
Oncogene 2017; 352220160602: 2923-31 >>
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Unrelated cord blood transplantation for childhood acute myelogenous leukemia: The influence of cytogenetic risk group stratification.
Michel G, Cunha R, Ruggeri A, O'Brien TA, Bittencourt H, Dalle JH, Locatelli F, Iori AP, Mauad M, Oudin C, Giannotti F, Volt F, Gluckman E, Bader P, Rocha V.
Leukemia 2018; 305201605: 1180-3 >>
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Differences in the prognostic relevance of myocardial ischaemia and scar by cardiac magnetic resonance in patients with and without diabetes mellitus.
Giusca S, Kelle S, Nagel E, Buss SJ, Voss A, Puntmann V, Fleck E, Katus HA, Korosoglou G.
European heart journal cardiovascular Imaging 2017; 1772016Jul: 812-20 >>
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The identification and characterization of novel transcripts from RNA-seq data.
Weirick T, Militello G, Müller R, John D, Dimmeler S, Uchida S.
Briefings in bioinformatics 2017; 1742016Jul: 678-85 >>
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