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Et tu, E2F1? The assassins of CML stem cells.
Krause DS.
Blood 2018; 131142018Apr05: 1499-1500 >>
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Switch in Laminin β2 to Laminin β1 Isoforms During Aging Controls Endothelial Cell Functions.
Wagner JUG, Chavakis E, Rogg EM, Muhly-Reinholz M, Glaser SF, Günther S, John D, Bonini F, Zeiher AM, Schaefer L, Hannocks MJ, Boon RA, Dimmeler S.
Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology 2018 >>
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Reg3β is associated with cardiac inflammation and provides prognostic information in patients with acute coronary syndrome.
Lörchner H, Widera C, Hou Y, Elsässer A, Warnecke H, Giannitsis E, Hulot JS, Braun T, Wollert KC, Pöling J.
International journal of cardiology 2018; 2582018May01: 7-13 >>
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The osteo-inductive activity of bone-marrow-derived mononuclear cells resides within the CD14+ population and is independent of the CD34+ population.
Henrich D, Seebach C, Verboket R, Schaible A, Marzi I, Bonig H.
European cells & materials 2018; 352018Mar06: 165-177 >>
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Generation of alloreactivity-reduced donor lymphocyte products retaining memory function by fully automatic depletion of CD45RA-positive cells.
Müller N, Landwehr K, Langeveld K, Stenzel J, Pouwels W, van der Hoorn MAWG, Seifried E, Bonig H.
Cytotherapy 2018 >>
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High Efficiency Gene Correction in Hematopoietic Cells by Donor-Template-Free CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing.
Sürün D, Schwäble J, Tomasovic A, Ehling R, Stein S, Kurrle N, von Melchner H, Schnütgen F.
Molecular therapy. Nucleic acids 2018; 102018Mar02: 1-8 >>
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CAR T-cells targeting FLT3 have potent activity against FLT3-ITD+ AML and act synergistically with the FLT3-inhibitor crenolanib.
Jetani H, Garcia-Cadenas I, Nerreter T, Thomas S, Rydzek J, Meijide JB, Bonig H, Herr W, Sierra J, Einsele H, Hudecek M.
Leukemia 2018 >>
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The bone marrow microenvironment in health and disease at a glance.
Kumar R, Godavarthy PS, Krause DS.
Journal of cell science 2018 >>
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The cell fate determinant Scribble is required for maintenance of hematopoietic stem cell function.
Mohr J, Dash BP, Schnoeder TM, Wolleschak D, Herzog C, Tubio Santamaria N, Weinert S, Godavarthy S, Zanetti C, Naumann M, Hartleben B, Huber TB, Krause DS, Kähne T, Bullinger L, Heidel FH.
Leukemia 2018 >>
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