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The ambition from LOEWE Center for Cell and Gene Therapy

The foremost goal of the research center is the further development of cell and gene therapy. Our aim is to make these techniques more efficient, more specific and safer as these are requirements for their clinical use as successful therapeutic procedures. Cell and gene therapies have great potential to serve as future improvements in treatment of different types of diseases. This includes treatment of specific gene defects, the therapy of malignant and cardiovascular diseases and represents an important basis for regenerative medicine. Based on their internationally recognized basic scientific research work and the successful development of clinical programs in the field of gene and cell therapy, a center for cell and gene therapy has been founded in Frankfurt in the framework of the LOEWE program.

In Frankfurt, internationally recognized innovative treatment procedures in the fields of gene and cell therapy are being developed and clinically tested, especially for cardiovascular and hematological diseases. The center should connect and integrate the pioneering work of these Frankfurt research groups, which span different departments and specialties. Gene and cell therapeutic principles and especially the combination of both fields offer excellent perspectives for improved treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases in the future. Establishment of collaborations among existing research groups and departments will allow creation of a new over-lapping structure for continuing development of gene and cell therapies. The existing close interaction of basic research and innovative clinical employment together with regulatory governmental officials, such as the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute in Langen, which is the approval authority for Germany, numerous biotech companies and large pharmaceutical companies will be further expanded through the LOEWE Center for Cell and Gene Therapy to create a unique, Europe-wide leading institution not only for development but particularly for the clinical dissemination and approval of innovative treatment procedures.

The scientific structure

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