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September 2018: New research findings

CAR T cells generated in vivo >>

LOEWE-CGT goes to the next round

LOEWE-CGT received another grant about 5.7 million Euros for 2017 and 2018 >>

June 2016: New research findings

High yield at high selectivity – lentiviral vectors with Nipah envelope proteins developed >>

March 2016: New research findings

March 2016:essential role of micro-ribonucleic acid in reproduction of blood stem cells >>

November 2015: Awards

November 2015: Awards for members of LOEWE-CGT >>

19.10.2015: Event of LOEWE-CGT

Academia meets Industry –Neue Ansätze in der Zell- und Gentherapie >>

07.07.2015: Protein plays an important role in the reproduction of blood stem cells

Scientists of the LOEWE-CGT identified a protein which plays an important role in the reproduction of blood stem cells >>

08.05.2015: Prof. Stefanie Dimmeler receives ERC Advanced Grant

Prof. Stefanie Dimmeler receives ERC Advanced Grant >>

23.02.2015: Cardiomem-System

For the first time in Germany: Continuous monitoring of weak hearts >>

Research news: 10.02.2015 and March 2015

This page gives an overview of new research results in the LOEWE-CGT >>

05.02.2015: World Cancer Day

LOEWE-CGT delivers insight into current research >>

27.01.2015: Social Minister

Meeting with the Social Minister Stefan Grüttner at the LOEWE-Center for Cell- and Gene-Therapy in Frankfurt >>

07.01.2015: Scientist Dr. Reinier Boon received EU-funding

Why increase the risc of an myocardial infarction by age? >>

The second funding period of LOEWE-CGT

Hessen permited second funding period (2014 - 2016) of LOEWE-CGT Frankfurt. >>

The LOEWE-CGT professors

This side gives an overview about the LOEWE-CGT professors >>

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