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23.02.15: For the first time in Germany: Continuous monitoring of weak hearts

Editor: The directorate of the University Hospital Frankfurt / Main
The first sensor transplantation team in Germany at Frankfurt / Main. From left to right: Prof. Stefan Hohnloser, Director of Electrophysiology; Prof. Birgit Aßmus, Director of ‘The Heart Failure Centre’; Prof. Stephan Fichtlscherer, Assistant Director of Cardiology and Prof. Andreas Zeiher, Director of Cardiology.

The implanted sensor is not bigger than a 2 cent coin.

For the first time in Germany and second time in Europe ‘The Heart Failure Centre’ at the University Hospital Frankfurt / Main has implanted the Cardiomem-System. This novel technique allows the medical scientists an easy and reliable monitoring of pressure values in a specific artery of patients with cardiac insufficiency.

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