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Incomplete cytokinesis and re-fusion of small mononucleated Hodgkin cells lead to giant multinucleated Reed-Sternberg cells.
Rengstl B, Newrzela S, Heinrich T, Weiser C, Thalheimer FB, Schmid F, Warner K, Hartmann S, Schroeder T, Küppers R, Rieger MA, Hansmann ML.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2013; 110512013Dec17: 20729-34 >>
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Therapeutic targeting of the oncostatin M receptor-β prevents inflammatory heart failure.
Pöling J, Gajawada P, Richter M, Lörchner H, Polyakova V, Kostin S, Shin J, Boettger T, Walther T, Rees W, Wietelmann A, Warnecke H, Kubin T, Braun T.
Basic research in cardiology 2013; 10912014Jan: 396 >>
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A soluble fragment of the tumor antigen BCL2-associated athanogene 6 (BAG-6) is essential and sufficient for inhibition of NKp30 receptor-dependent cytotoxicity of natural killer cells.
Binici J, Hartmann J, Herrmann J, Schreiber C, Beyer S, Güler G, Vogel V, Tumulka F, Abele R, Mäntele W, Koch J.
The Journal of biological chemistry 2013; 288482013Nov29: 34295-303 >>
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Clonal analysis of multipotent stromal cells derived from CD271+ bone marrow mononuclear cells: functional heterogeneity and different mechanisms of allosuppression.
Kuçi Z, Seiberth J, Latifi-Pupovci H, Wehner S, Stein S, Grez M, Bönig H, Köhl U, Klingebiel T, Bader P, Kuçi S.
Haematologica 2013; 98102013Oct: 1609-16 >>
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Effect of shock wave-facilitated intracoronary cell therapy on LVEF in patients with chronic heart failure: the CELLWAVE randomized clinical trial.
Assmus B, Walter DH, Seeger FH, Leistner DM, Steiner J, Ziegler I, Lutz A, Khaled W, Klotsche J, Tonn T, Dimmeler S, Zeiher AM.
JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association 2013; 309152013Apr17: 1622-31 >>
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Chondrogenic differentiation of menstrual blood-derived stem cells on nanofibrous scaffolds.
Kazemnejad S, Zarnani AH, Khanmohammadi M, Mobini S.
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) 2013; 10582013: 149-69 >>
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β2 integrin-derived signals induce cell survival and proliferation of AML blasts by activating a Syk/STAT signaling axis.
Oellerich T, Oellerich MF, Engelke M, Münch S, Mohr S, Nimz M, Hsiao HH, Corso J, Zhang J, Bohnenberger H, Berg T, Rieger MA, Wienands J, Bug G, Brandts C, Urlaub H, Serve H.
Blood 2013; 121192013May9: 3889-99 >>
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Nucleotide-resolution DNA double-strand break mapping by next-generation sequencing.
Crosetto N, Mitra A, Silva MJ, Bienko M, Dojer N, Wang Q, Karaca E, Chiarle R, Skrzypczak M, Ginalski K, Pasero P, Rowicka M, Dikic I.
Nature methods 2013; 1042013Apr: 361-5 >>
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Fabrication and characterization of regenerated silk scaffolds reinforced with natural silk fibers for bone tissue engineering.
Mobini S, Hoyer B, Solati-Hashjin M, Lode A, Nosoudi N, Samadikuchaksaraei A, Gelinsky M.
Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A 2013; 10182013Aug: 2392-404 >>
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