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Long-term clinical outcome after intracoronary application of bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells for acute myocardial infarction: migratory capacity of administered cells determines event-free survival.
Assmus B, Leistner DM, Schächinger V, Erbs S, Elsässer A, Haberbosch W, Hambrecht R, Sedding D, Yu J, Corti R, Mathey DG, Barth C, Mayer-Wehrstein C, Burck I, Sueselbeck T, Dill T, Hamm CW, Tonn T, Dimmeler S, Zeiher AM, .
European heart journal 2014; 35192014May14: 1275-83 >>
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Impact of different ChIP-Seq protocols on DNA integrity and quality of bioinformatics analysis results.
Felsani A, Gudmundsson B, Nanni S, Brini E, Moles A, Thormar HG, Estibeiro P, Gaetano C, Capogrossi M, Farsetti A, Jonsson JJ, Guffanti A.
Briefings in functional genomics 2014 >>
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Safety evaluation of a bioglass-polylactic acid composite scaffold seeded with progenitor cells in a rat skull critical-size bone defect.
Eldesoqi K, Henrich D, El-Kady AM, Arbid MS, Abd El-Hady BM, Marzi I, Seebach C.
PloS one 2014; 922014: e87642 >>
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The histone acetylase activator pentadecylidenemalonate 1b rescues proliferation and differentiation in the human cardiac mesenchymal cells of type 2 diabetic patients.
Vecellio M, Spallotta F, Nanni S, Colussi C, Cencioni C, Derlet A, Bassetti B, Tilenni M, Carena MC, Farsetti A, Sbardella G, Castellano S, Mai A, Martelli F, Pompilio G, Capogrossi MC, Rossini A, Dimmeler S, Zeiher A, Gaetano C.
Diabetes 2014; 6362014Jun: 2132-47 >>
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Evaluation of menstrual blood stem cells seeded in biocompatible Bombyx mori silk fibroin scaffold for cardiac tissue engineering.
Rahimi M, Mohseni-Kouchesfehani H, Zarnani AH, Mobini S, Nikoo S, Kazemnejad S.
Journal of biomaterials applications 2014; 2922014Jan19: 199-208 >>
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BAG-6, a jack of all trades in health and disease.
Binici J, Koch J.
Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS 2014; 71102014May: 1829-37 >>
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Homo-oligomerization of the activating natural killer cell receptor NKp30 ectodomain increases its binding affinity for cellular ligands.
Herrmann J, Berberich H, Hartmann J, Beyer S, Davies K, Koch J.
The Journal of biological chemistry 2014; 28922014Jan10: 765-77 >>
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Loss of FUBP1 expression in gliomas predicts FUBP1 mutation and is associated with oligodendroglial differentiation, IDH1 mutation and 1p/19q loss of heterozygosity.
Baumgarten P, Harter PN, Tönjes M, Capper D, Blank AE, Sahm F, von Deimling A, Kolluru V, Schwamb B, Rabenhorst U, Starzetz T, Kögel D, Rieker RJ, Plate KH, Ohgaki H, Radlwimmer B, Zörnig M, Mittelbronn M.
Neuropathology and applied neurobiology 2014; 4022014Feb: 205-16 >>
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Galectin-9 is a suppressor of T and B cells and predicts the immune modulatory potential of mesenchymal stromal cell preparations.
Ungerer C, Quade-Lyssy P, Radeke HH, Henschler R, Königs C, Köhl U, Seifried E, Schüttrumpf J.
Stem cells and development 2014; 2372014Apr1: 755-66 >>
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