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Runx1 Deficiency Protects Against Adverse Cardiac Remodeling After Myocardial Infarction.
McCarroll CS, He W, Foote K, Bradley A, Mcglynn K, Vidler F, Nixon C, Nather K, Fattah C, Riddell A, Bowman P, Elliott EB, Bell M, Hawksby C, MacKenzie SM, Morrison LJ, Terry A, Blyth K, Smith GL, McBride MW, Kubin T, Braun T, Nicklin SA, Cameron ER, Loughrey CM.
Circulation 2018; 13712018Jan02: 57-70 >>
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Protein arginine methyltransferase 6 controls erythroid gene expression and differentiation of human CD34+ progenitor cells.
Herkt SC, Kuvardina ON, Herglotz J, Schneider L, Meyer A, Pommerenke C, Salinas-Riester G, Seifried E, Bonig H, Lausen J.
Haematologica 2018; 10312018Jan: 18-29 >>
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Clinical impact of colonization with multidrug-resistant organisms on outcome after allogeneic stem cell transplantation in patients with acute myeloid leukemia.
Scheich S, Lindner S, Koenig R, Reinheimer C, Wichelhaus TA, Hogardt M, Besier S, Kempf VAJ, Kessel J, Martin H, Wilke AC, Serve H, Bug G, Steffen B.
Cancer 2018; 12422018Jan15: 286-296 >>
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Clinical grade manufacturing of genetically modified, CAR-expressing NK-92 cells for the treatment of ErbB2-positive malignancies.
Nowakowska P, Romanski A, Miller N, Odendahl M, Bonig H, Zhang C, Seifried E, Wels WS, Tonn T.
Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII 2018; 6712018Jan: 25-38 >>
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Comparison of three different types of scaffolds preseeded with human bone marrow mononuclear cells on the bone healing in a femoral critical size defect model of the athymic rat.
Janko M, Sahm J, Schaible A, Brune JC, Bellen M, Schroder K, Seebach C, Marzi I, Henrich D.
Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine 2018; 1232018Mar: 653-666 >>
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Proteasomal and Autophagic Degradation Systems.
Dikic I.
Annual review of biochemistry 2017; 862017Jun20: 193-224 >>
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The novel HLA-C*15:103 is characterised by an amino acid substitution in the alpha 2 domain.
Becker PS, Paranikulangara P, Rettinger E, Bader P, Seidl C.
HLA 2018; 885201611: 267-268 >>
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Improved outcome with repeated intracoronary injection of bone marrow-derived cells within a registry: rationale for the randomized outcome trial REPEAT.
Assmus B, Alakmeh S, De Rosa S, Bönig H, Hermann E, Levy WC, Dimmeler S, Zeiher AM.
European heart journal 2018; 37212016Jun01: 1659-66 >>
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