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Research news

Innovative research results of LOEWE-CGT in the field of gene therapy >>

Specific Topics

Specific Topics of LOEWE-CGT include reprogramming, iPS, homing of stem cells, stem cell transplantation, cell- and gene-therapy >>


The platforms of LOEWE-CGT include a GMP-Core Facility in cooperation with the Institute for Transfusion Medicine and Immunohaematology in Frankfurt, as well as vector development and quality assurance >>

Research areas

Six different research areas are essentiell for the LOEWE-CGT: 1. regenerative medicine, 2. stem cell transplantation and immunotherapy, 3.stem cell therapy, 4. cardiovascular disease, 5. signal transduction and stem cell biology, 6. risk analysis >>

Interdisciplinary Networks

The development of novel therapeutic procedures requires the interaction of different disciplines and a good developed infrastructure of a broad spectrum of facilities. >>

Research funding LOEWE-CGT

The LOEWE Center for Cell and Gene Therapy supports innovative projects and ideas in research through targeted funding programs. >>

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