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Research areas

Regenerative Medicine

Clinical pilot studies are currently being conducted in regenerative treatment procedures for numerous organ-specific degenerative diseases >>

Stem Cell Transplantation and Immunotherapy

Allogeneic stem cell transplantation has been used for approximately 40 years as an immuno-therapeutic procedure, mainly for the treatment of malignant diseases. >>

Stem Cell Therapy

Identification of new sources of adult pluripotent stem cells or the ex vivo generation of pluripotent (iPS) cells with unlimited regenerative capacity is of major interest for cell and gene therapy. >>

Cardiovascular Diseases

Cells promising for therapeutic use in ischemic cardiac and blood vessel diseases were developed from bone marrow derived stem and progenitor cells. >>

Signal Transduction and Stem Cell Biology

In addition to the production and purification of the transplant and its manipulation with genetic engineering methods, cell and gene therapeutic approaches require a solid understanding of molecular regulation and pharmacological influence on processes of stem cell renewal and differentiation as well as the malignant transformation of hematopoietic progenitor cells. >>

Risk Assessment

Requirements for clinical implementation of innovative cell and gene therapeutic treatment concepts include a complete assessment and minimization of the risks of cell manipulation. >>

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